IMPROVment® Initiative

Through positive feedback; funding; and our ability to engage interdisciplinary teams and communities; we developed a broader initiative around our method and defined our mission, vision, and immediate goals to help us grow on our journey.


Our mission is to implement, research and optimize the IMPROVment® method to empower movement for brain/body health in the communities we serve.


To align this work with global initiatives that leverage research-based practices in dance and movement-based practices to empower people to improve their brain/body health.

Goals: 2020

  • Increase the knowledge of the IMPROVment® initiative within our local, national, and international communities through an updated website, publications, and strategic partnerships.

  • Maintain focus to achieve milestone success for our NIH-funded grant with successful recruitment and wave completion.

  • Identify new research projects, interdisciplinary teams, and strategic partnerships that will continuously test, validate and optimize the IMPROVment® method through a variety of delivery options and new communities served.

  • Optimize the IMPROVment® training and teaching programs to ensure integrity of the method and trainers to best serve our communities.


Group classes encourage socialization and an overall sense of well-being.


Improvisation is cognitively challenging and requires spontaneous decisions.


Dance has been shown to decrease fall risk and help with balance.